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Fire Ant Control

Protect your friends, family, and pets from pesky and painful fire-ants with a timely treatment. We thoroughly treat your lawn and landscape for fire-ants to ensure an enjoyable outdoor experience for you and your family. Fertile Earth stands behind our treatment with a satisfaction guarantee.

How do you know you have a fire ant issue?

Fire ants, officially known as the Red Imported Fire Ant, are an invasive species that was accidentally imported from South America in the 1930’s. In present times, these ants are commonly found throughout the South, where they tend to dominate the ant population. Fire ants can be distinguished from other ant species with a few key characteristics. They are small, usually ⅛”-¼”. The variation in size between ants is important as many other ant species are uniform in size. They are reddish brown with a darker abdomen and create mounds (with no visible entrance), usually only a few inches tall in managed turfgrass. These mounds are commonly found in sunny open areas but can also be found in your landscape. Fire ants have painful bites and stings that may cause your family to relocate your outdoor activities.

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