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Tree Care

The quality of your trees can greatly affect the look of your landscape. Whether your trees are struggling with insects or simply desire a boost of beneficial nutrients, our team of professionals is here to help.

Insect Control

Like all plants, your trees may be susceptible to insects. At Fertile Earth, you will be met with a knowledgeable professional who will identify the needs of your trees and subsequently address these with an appropriate solution. Whether it is aphids or scale, we can help address your tree’s insect problems.

Deep root tree feeding

By utilizing our unique slow release fertilizer and micronutrient formulation, we can deliver the nutrients your trees need to maximize their growth. We achieve this by high pressure injection of our liquid formulation into the soil surrounding your trees; delivering nutrients directly into the root zone for optimal absorption. By injecting nutrients directly to your tree's root zone, the possibility of fertilizer runoff and leaching are limited. Therefore, you can be confident that regardless of weather, your trees will receive the sustenance they need.

Houston Lawn Fertilization Contractor