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Lawn Care Services

Keeping your grass healthy and green can be an all-consuming task. That is why Fertile Earth offers the solutions you need to have a beautiful, healthy lawn. Our Lawn Care Program consists of 6 service visits per year. We utilize custom blended fertilizers and the finest control products available. All are applied as seasonally appropriate for our region with an emphasis on preventing issues before they arise.

Our Lawn Care Program consists of:

  • Fertilization

  • Pre-emergent and Post emergent weed control

  • Control of lawn feeding insects such as chinch bugs

  • A fall fungicide application for brown patch
  • Free service calls in between regular services
Houston Lawn Fertilization Contractor

Why do you need a lawn care program?

Whether you have a St. Augustine, Bermuda, or Zoysia lawn, consistent care is a necessity. With regularly scheduled care, we can stay on top of issues such as color, weeds, disease and insects.

Each service builds off the previous to further improve your lawn. Our fertility program works by enriching your soil to ensure lasting results. Over time, your lawn will thicken and outcompete many weeds. Consistent weed treatments further reduce weed populations, ensuring a beautiful lawn.

The value to our clients is our skill set. Our professional team manages the schedule, source and deliver the needed products, make all of the applications and take care of clean up once the work is done. If an issue arises in between scheduled services, we’ll take care of it for you.