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Shrub Care

Care for your Landscape Plants

Landscape plantings are a substantial investment that, when properly cared for, enhance the value and beauty of your property. Our Shrub Care Program works to protect your investment by addressing the health and vigor of your plants. Four times per year, our custom program of slow release fertilizer, insecticide and fungicide will be applied to your shrubs, groundcover, and ornamental trees to promote and maintain plant health.

Houston Lawn Fertilization Contractor

What are the benefits of the Fertile Earth Shrub Care Program?

Our program gives your plantings the best chance to survive and thrive.

Here’s how:

Slow Release Fertilizer is used to ensure your plants receive nutrients over extended periods. Oftentimes, nutrients are bound in your soil, limiting availability to your plants. Supplemental feeding is required to keep plants healthy.

Insecticide is applied to combat plant feeding insects causing harm to your ornamental plants. If left untreated, plant pests may lead to the premature decline and death of your shrubs.

Fungicide to control and prevent plant disease in your landscape such as leaf spot or powdery mildew.

Take your landscape to the next level with consistent, quality care.