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The Month of Love

February is known as the month of love so give your landscape the love it deserves. We are edging closer and closer to spring, and the care delivered to your plants now will affect the vibrancy of the blooms.

Prune Your Roses

If February is the month of love then a rose is the flower of love. Coincidentally, Valentine's day is a good time to prune your roses. As long as there are no imminent freezes in the forecast, mid to late february is an ideal time to remove old, dead, and diseased limbs. Pruning allows more light, airflow and gives you a chance to train your plants growth habit. This will allow for an influx of more healthy flowers.

Feed Your Plants

Although we do not offer a pruning service, we do specialize in fertilizing and treating/ preventing disease and insects. Our Shrub Program takes care of your plant needs once each season. With the right nutrients and water, your landscape will come to life in Spring. Whether it is flowers or crepe myrtles, if you are interested in improving the health and vigor of your plants, give us a call. We’d love to help!

What to do with your lawn

All of this is done in anticipation of spring in a few months. Our job is to make sure that your grass exits winter dormancy as healthy and clean as possible. Starting off the year on the right foot is key to future success.

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Tips for pruning

This will be your annual heavy pruning to promote growth.
● Be sure to use sharp and clean pruners so as not to spread any diseases from plant to plant. As you prune, cut back to the buds. If you have buds that are blooming early, still prune.
● Be sure not to cut more than ⅓ of each branch off unless it is extensively damaged. Healthy stems will be red, orange, or green while dead or diseased ones will be brown, woody and scaly. If there are visible tears and cracks in a stem it is best to remove it for the benefit of your rose.
● Remove any crossing branches and keep the center of your bush open. Tight spaces are conducive to disease and insects and should be avoided.

The final product should be a rose bush with 6-10 main branches and an open center.